What is GeoBlue Travel Insurance?

Not all medical insurance extends coverage while traveling outside of the United States. If you travel or are studying abroad for a college semester, for example, GeoBlue will grant you access to the same quality care you can expect here in the US. Blue Cross and Blue Shield has partnered with GeoBlue to offer international health insurance that provides one of the largest and trusted networks of doctors in the world.

What does GeoBlue cover?

  • Comprehensive coverage that includes hospitalization, doctor visits and prescriptions
  • Medically necessary COVID-19 testing and treatment
  • Medically necessary evacuation when appropriate
  • An elite network of English-speaking, Western-trained doctors in over 190 countries
  • Global TeleMD™ telemedicine services for contactless care by video or phone
  • Mobile app to help you find care, make appointments, receive travel alerts and more
  • 24/7/365 concierge service and online support
  • Direct payment to providers so you won’t have to pay upfront and file a claim

Who can apply for a GeoBlue policy?

GeoBlue is for anyone traveling outside the US.  A few reasons may be:

  • Vacation: short trip abroad
  • Multi-trip: multiple trips throughout the year
  • Long-term: working or living abroad for 6 months or more
  • Study: studying or teaching abroad
  • Missionary: traveling abroad for missionary work
  • Corporate: sending employees on assignment or international travel

Most Popular and comprehensive plan: Voyager Choice

This plan is available for clients 6 months of age to 95 years that purchase the policy in the home country and prior to departing on the trip. A few eligibility requirements include home country is the US and being enrolled in a Primary Health Plan. A primary health plan is a group, individual, or governmental health plan designed to be the first payer of claims for an insured person. The primary health plan does not need to be a Blue Cross and Blue Shield medical plan.  Voyager Choice offers a choice of varying medical limits and deductibles. A few of the benefits the plan includes are inpatient and outpatient services, prescription, dental care, physical therapy, accidental death and dismemberment, repatriation of remains, emergency medical transportation, lost baggage, and more.

What other plans are available?

GeoBlue offers two categories of Travel Medical Insurance Plans. General Plans cover short- and long-term health plans for all varieties of travel while Specialty Plans are designed for groups, educational experiences, and long term assignments

General Plans

  • Voyager – Single trip health and accidental insurance for an international trip
  • Trekker – Multiple trip health and accidental insurance for frequent travelers
  • Xplorer – Health plans that cover you inside and outside of the United States

Specialty Plans

  • Voyager- Single trip or Groups of 5 or more people qualify for a lower rate
  • Navigator (Long term/educational)-Worldwide health insurance for students and faculty
  • Navigator (long term/crew)-International health plans for captains and crew members
  • Navigator (Long term/missionary)-International health plans for career missionaries and volunteers
  • Corporate- Long and short-term international health plans for corporate expats and travelers

Ten Day Money Back Guarantee

GeoBlue gives you the availability to request a full refund of premium any date prior to your effective date and within the 10-day free look period. If you have not already departed on the trip you will receive a full refund.  The Eligible Participant must write a Cancellation of coverage  request and email to enrollment@geoblue.com Please see complete policy for details as some restrictions apply.

Travel With Confidence

Before you travel overseas again, speak to Kara Thell or any of our Life & Health agents to learn more about GeoBlue and if it is the right plan for you. Reliable Agency, Inc. wishes you a life filled with joy. Safe travels!

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