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With the holidays nearly upon us, we’re entering the season when families that celebrate Christmas want to give their children some Christmas Joy via gifts under their tree. But for some, this is made impossible by no fault of their own. There are some amazing people whose mission is to bless one family with the type of Christmas they would have previously thought impossible. Instead of being fraught with worry and despair, it becomes their Best Christmas Ever. And the Reliable Agency couldn’t be prouder to help this come true every holiday season!

Best Christmas Ever (BCE) began in 2010 when one single dad was dealing with some serious health issues that were going to prevent him from providing any gifts for his young son. He was trying to come up with the best way to explain this to his son when there was a knock at the door. A group of loving family and friends surprised him with two huge bags full of gifts on Christmas Eve! This amazing display of generosity filled him with an intense desire to pay this forward. Eleven years later, BCE is now in three countries and has provided the Best Christmas Ever experience to countless families.

One of our very own staff, Becky Haley, was already involved with BCE through her husband’s business when she nominated someone she knew in 2018. We realized this was something the entire agency should get involved in. We helped raise money that first year and, beginning in 2019, became an official Team Captain with Becky and others helping coordinate our collective efforts.

One staff in particular has very strong ties to this wonderful cause. Karen Mielke and her family were recipients of a Best Christmas Ever themselves a few years ago when she was unable to work due to her own serious health issues. With all the treatments and trips to the hospital, it was impossible for her to help her husband with all the mounting financial concerns. Their Best Christmas Ever experience left an indelible mark on both of them and now Karen is one of the driving forces behind Reliable Agency’s continued commitment every year.

The Reliable Agency hopes to enrich the communities we serve through rooted relationships. This Core Focus of our agency is so important that it dictates our every move. This includes the empathy we have for every client, the synergy we display working as one team to meet goals, the humble passion that is evident with the unmatched expertise and care we offer, how involved our staff are in the community, and the loyalty we have for each other.

One might be curious, “Why does an insurance agency care so deeply about the welfare of others?” For us, this answer is simple. We are only as strong as the communities in which we serve. We are so much more than ‘just’ a place to get insurance. Here, you become a part of something bigger. Here, we help you live life full of joy. Participating as a sponsor of a family in BCE is so important to us because it is the right thing to do.

Please contact either Karen or Becky for more information on how you can help support a family this Christmas.

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