Sweet Summertime!

As we approach the middle of August, some of the northern region begins to see summer temps dwindling and mindsets adjusting to winter preparation. At Reliable, August marks a special time for us to enjoy a fun-filled weekend together.

Reliable’s founder, Ted Micke, started the Summer Picnic in the late 1970’s to give the staff & their families an opportunity to enjoy some time together outside of the office. Thankfully, Steve Micke & Val Wojtysiak have carried on the tradition! We often hear Steve use the phrase, “Work hard, play hard”. There is no shortage of the latter half of that phrase at the Summer Picnic.

Over the years, the Summer Picnic is always one of the most cherished weekends. It has been known for a couple ER visits, a special guest appearance from the local law enforcement (no laws were broken) and an epic battle of the bosses during the kid games. Who knew us insurance people could be so fun! We even have the next generation turning down trips to Valley Fair because they don’t want to miss out on the shenanigans.

In all seriousness, it is easy to see why everyone marks their calendar for the Summer Picnic. Between the competitive bean bag tourney, bingo, card games, numerous kid games, and the amazing meals, there are plenty of memories created. Whether families choose to enjoy the entire weekend together or just come for the day, good times are had by all.

This simple gesture Ted began in the late 70s has become a key pillar in the success of Reliable. You see, it is easy to complete the first half of Steve’s credo when you enjoy the camaraderie of those around you

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