Workers Compensation

Ensure your team doesn’t need to worry about on-the-job accidents Workers Compensation Insurance is a policy that covers medical expenses, lost wages, and rehabilitation costs to employees that are injured while working on the job. This policy also provides employers liability for suits brought against the employer by employees due to negligence in working conditions. […]

Umbrella Policies


Insurance for worst case scenarios Commercial Umbrella policies provide an additional layer of protection to ensure you’re properly covered in the event of a catastrophic loss. Just like a rain umbrella, an umbrella policy protects the underlying policies you have in place, some even cover things outside of those underlying policies. Policies like General Liability […]

Management Liability

Protect yourself against claims As a leader within an organization, there’s always a chance that something goes wrong and you are held accountable. In that event, a lawsuit can take place leaving you in financial disarray. There are three main types of Management Liability coverage we recommend to people within these types of positions:  If […]

General Liability

Insure your business’s premises and operations Commercial General Liability Insurance is the most basic coverage you can receive for your business. General Liability covers your financial loss in instances where you’re found liable. Property damage, personal injury, and advertising injuring are all covered within this type of insurance policy Common situations General Liability covers include: […]

Business Owner Packages

Insure your business property and receive general liability Business Owner Packages (BOP) offer a bundled General Liability and Commercial Property Insurance policy. It’s generally a more cost-effective option but is limited in its ability to be customized to fit your needs.  For most small businesses that fit within the BOP guidelines, this is the perfect […]

Business Auto

Green car with leaves

Care for company property and your employees Business Auto Insurance will allow you to use the vehicles necessary to run your business and ensure the operators are protected in the event of an accident. From General Liability to full comprehensive coverage, this type of insurance is easily designed to cover various types of automobiles and […]

Business Property

Green house with leaf

Protect your business Business Property Insurance is one of the most common types of commercial insurance businesses use to insure their property. This coverage can be used to protect a wide variety of exposures including:  Losses against such property can be caused by fire, vandalism, burglary, or natural disasters like wind or hail. Coverage can […]

Group Health

Gold heart with cross in front of it

Don’t let your employees worry about Health Insurance Group Health Insurance provides Health Insurance coverage to members inside a defined group, typically offered by employers to their employees and their families. There are advantages to acquiring coverage through a group plan, such as As an independent agency, we have the ability to compare a number […]

Group Life

Life icon

Give the gift of peace of mind Group Life Insurance policies allow employers to provide Life Insurance coverage to their employees. Group Life Insurance policies are a very affordable option, oftentimes not requiring any out-of-pocket costs to your members or employees (unless they choose more advanced coverage). Some companies wait until an employee has worked […]

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