Annuities & IRAs

Guarantee a future of financial security


In a nutshell, an annuity is like taking out an insurance policy on your future. There are a number of different types of annuities, with different payout plans, to choose from, depending on your specific situation and goals.

Our insurance professionals have a sound, working knowledge of the various types of annuities, the options that go along with them and the current regulatory standards that may pertain to the type of annuity you choose. We work with you on an individual basis to find out your needs, and then match your situation with the company providing the product most suited to you.


Like an annuity, an IRA can help you plan for your financial future by giving you a tax-advantaged way to save for retirement. Also similar to an annuity, IRAs offer numerous choices for your investment dollars.

Types of IRAs

  • Traditional
  • Education
  • Simplified Employee Pension (SEP)
  • Simple
  • Roth

Benefits of an IRA

  • Defer taxes on your earnings
  • Allow you to invest up to $5,000 annually ($6,000 if you are 50 or older)
  • Supplement your 401(k) plan

Annuities and IRAs can have an impact on your tax return. For instance, depending on your adjusted gross income, a contribution to a traditional IRA account may or may not be tax deductible. Your specific income situation will influence how and how much you invest.

The professional staff at Reliable want to help you secure the most secure financial future possible. We’ve offered quality and reliable service to customers like you who want a trusted freedom of choice for over 35 years. We work with over 30 insurance carriers and can help you determine whether an annuity and/or IRA accounts are the right choice for your retirement needs. Let our experience go to work for you.

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