Annuities & IRAs

Ensure your financial security

Guarantee your financial security


Annuities are perfect financial insurance policies for individuals planning for retirement and wanting to ensure they have a plan in the event they outlive their savings. They work as a contract between the policyholder and the financial institution to pay out their invested funds as a fixed stream of income for a given period of time in the future, or for the rest of the holder’s life. Payments to Annuity principles can either be made as one lump sum or in several payments. 

There are different types of annuities including:

  • Immediate Annuities begin paying the policy holder immediately after they provide the financial institution with their lump sum Annuity deposit.
  • Deferred Annuities don’t begin payouts until after the client reaches the agreed upon age.

Lifetime payouts received no refund of the initial Annuity deposit as the holder outlived their policy. For Annuities that are set for only a certain amount of time, any remaining principal can be refunded to the annuity holder’s heirs. 

  • Fixed Annuities work as periodic payments to the annuity holder depending on whether they agreed to an Immediate Annuity or a Deferred Annuity. 
  • Variable Annuities come with financial risk but can lead to an increase in payments given that the investment is doing well within the current market. 


Our professional insurance agents want to help you have the most secure financial future possible. For over 35 years, we’ve offered quality and reliable service to customers just like you seeking a trusted freedom of choice. We work with over 30 insurance carriers, so let our experience go to work for you.

Contact us to speak with one of our expert financial insurance agents to help you learn more about these options and determine whether an Annuity, IRA, or both are the right choice for your retirement needs.

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