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Other Insurance Information

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Home Heating Safety

Death and injury can be reduced with proper understanding and safe use of heating equipment. Safety should be your first consideration when heating your home. Remember these safety guidelines and tips: (Read More)

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Building Collapse ALERT

Are Your Buildings at Risk of Collapse?
Due to the amount of snowfall so far this year and the amount of ice that is building up on roofs throughout Minnesota, there are many buildings that have a potential for collapse. (Read More)

Life Happens

Remember that love comes in many forms. Watch this video that celebrates the different ways we show our love. This short video displays the winning photos and descriptions submitted to the Crazy4Love Photo Contest sponsored by the LIFE Foundation. The purpose of the contest was to get Americans thinking about life insurance and how it can protect the ones you love.

Fire Safety

After living through a fire in his own house, Dave shares the lessons he learned during his experience. In this first video, he shows how a simple 9 volt battery started his house fire. Please share this message with friends and families so that they can learn to be safe with batteries.

Bike Safety

Bicycles are associated with more serious childhood injuries than any other consumer product except automobiles. Sue Guzman of the Brain Injury Association says children should always wear a helmet when they ride, and if each child wore their helmet, an average of one death per day would be prevented.