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About Life Insurance

The Life Insurance policy you choose is there when your family needs it most, so it’s important you select the one that best fits your unique needs. We’ll help you prepare for the unexpected so you don’t need to worry about everyday bills, mortgage payments, incurred debts, or kids going to college. 

We understand each individual and family have their own personal needs, and our expert life insurance agents provide professional input to develop a Life Insurance plan to best protect your family’s assets and lifestyle.

Below are a few different types of life insurance plans we offer but are not limited to:

Term Life Insurance

Term Life is the perfect coverage for when you only need the policy for a certain period of time. You can choose from policy terms of 5, 10, or 20 years and the policy holder must die within that term in order for their beneficiary or beneficiaries to receive the benefits. Policies are based on the holder’s age, life expectancy, and health.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole Life Insurance policies last the entire life of the insured person and work together as insurance and an investing account. While your policy will grow in value, it must be taken out before the policy holder dies, otherwise the beneficiaries only receive the death benefit.

Universal Life Insurance

Universal Life Insurance policies offer more flexibility than a Whole Life Insurance policy for a more affordable cost. You can adjust premiums and death benefits and borrow from money you’ve accumulated tax-free through the investment savings component of your policy.

Caring for your loved ones
alongside you

Which Life Insurance policy you choose will largely depend on your own life, why you are deciding to take out a policy, and what your financial goals are. Contact us to speak with one of our expert life insurance agents to discuss your options further and find the right plan for you.

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